Our position as a practice
has been carefully derived
over fourteen years of
design, research and building. We have an international reputation for the design and realisation
of sustainable buildings at the public scale.

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  • We are general practice architects and designers with a particular expertise in the design of sustainable public buildings for the arts, education, health, commerce and industry.

  • We offer a highly dedicated service to our clients. One institution has engaged us for 14 projects over a 15 year period.

  • We have a close understanding of how a building can foster intellectual and business activity in a flexible, adaptable, comfortable environment - this is derived from both practice and research.

  • We recognise the impact that a building in its location and setting can make to the identity of an enterprise as a whole. We have delivered transformational buildings to a series of institutional clients over 20 years.

  • We build in sensitive historic environments. We are particularly skilled in consultation and have never failed to win detailed planning permission at the first submission. We are also very interested in working with buildings of the relatively recent past.

  • We undertake projects from £1.5 million upwards – our current project in Chicago is $25 million.

  • We practise worldwide, with built works in North America, India, Australia and Southern Europe.

  • We deliver design consultancy across the full range of procurement routes, from full design and traditional contracts, to Develop & Construct. We may be retained as the Client’s representative or novated.

  • We are enthusiastic collaborators, partnering with practices in the UK and abroad, bringing our special expertise in sustainable design.

  • We are actively engaged in cutting-edge research with institutions of international standing; including the BP Institute and the Martin Centre at Cambridge University and the Institute of Energy and Sustainable Development in Leicester. We have a capability and experience in sustainable design that few practitioners can claim to have.

  • Contact us at: post@short-assoc.demon.co.uk