reviews by critics, project accounts and research papers by Short and others, arranged chronologically by building.

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Process Building for Simonds Farsons Cisk Ltd, Mriehel, Malta, 1986-1990
Department Store for the John Lewis Partnership 1987-8
Gateway House 1989-90
The Fletcher Building 1991-3
Templeway House 1992-93
New School of Engineering and Manufacture, 'The Queens Building', 1989-1993
Film Television and Radio Coverage of the Queens Building:
The Contact Theatre 1993-1999
Radio coverage of Contact
Chancellors Conference and Teaching Centre, Manchester, Fallowfield
The Angerstein Environmental Workshops 1993-5
Lanchester Library, Coventry University, 1995-2000
The Lighthouse, Poole Dorset 1998-2002
The Garrick, Lichfield 2000-2003
School of Slavonic and East European Studies, University College London, 2002-2005
Braunstone Health & Social Care Centre 2002-2004
General Reviews of the Practice’s Work and other unrelated contributions:

    Process Building for Simonds Farsons Cisk Ltd, Mriehel, Malta, 1986-1990
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    Department Store for the John Lewis Partnership 1987-8
    • Alan Short and Anthony Peake, with Juliet Odgers and Philip Meadowcroft. National competition win for the first out-of-town department store in Britain, January 1987, completed November 1988, publication embargoed for two years by client for commercial reasons.

    • Woodward, C., (1990) ’PLAYFUL MODERNISM', Architecture Today, 11, September, photographs by Martin Charles

    Gateway House 1989-90
    • Alan Short, Brian Ford and Peter Sharratt; 170,000 sq. ft, seven storey refurbishment for Leicester Polytechnic, with an emphasis on control of solar gain and glare.

    • Weatherhead, P., (1992) 'SHADED BY ANGELS' WINGS', 'BUILDING' 29 May

    The Fletcher Building 1991-3
    • Alan Short, Brian Ford and Peter Sharratt, new energy-efficient cedar envelope for 1962 low-rise CLASP system building housing the School of Design and Manufacture, De Montfort University

    • Dawson, S., (1993) 'CEDAR OVERCOAT FOR CLASP' The Architects' Journal FOCUS supplement, December, pp. 11-13.

    Templeway House 1992-93
    • Alan Short, Brian Ford and Peter Sharratt; DTI/DOE sponsored research exercise to devise a sustainable dilapidations refit for the Clerical and Medical headquarters in Bristol, with Halcrow Gilbert Associates, Bae SEMA and Davis Langdon and Everest’s Research Department.

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    New School of Engineering and Manufacture, 'The Queens Building', 1989-1993
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    Film Television and Radio Coverage of the Queens Building:
    • BBC WORLD SERVICE NEWS, (1995), Radio, special feature, September

    • 'FRIDAY FEATURE: HOME IS WHERE THE HEARTH WAS', (1994), Radio, presented by Dr. Mark Swenarton, Joanna van Heyningen and Dr. Peter Rickaby, BBC Radio 3, Friday 10 June

    • 'MODAL SPACES', (1994) ambient music event in the Queens Building, brought into fruition by Andrew Hugill and Chris Ekers, 18 June

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    The Contact Theatre 1993-1999
    • Architecture Today, editorial, (1998) ‘CONTACT THEATRE MANCHESTER’, 93, November, p. 46. report on construction progress

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    • Designed by Alan Short and Anne Goldrick with Max Fordham environmental engineer, and Stephen Morley structural engineer. Computational Fluid Dynamics air flow modelling and physical wind tunnel testing by the University of Wales .Competition win December1993, 32 long-list entrants, 6 finalists including Ian Ritchie, Ted Cullinan, Ian Simpson

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    Radio coverage of Contact
    • ‘NIGHTWAVES’ (1999), Radio, BBC Radio 3, Friday 22 October 1999, John Edward McGrath and Alan Short interviewed by Paul Allen, (transcript available.)

    Chancellors Conference and Teaching Centre, Manchester, Fallowfield
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    The Angerstein Environmental Workshops 1993-5

    Lanchester Library, Coventry University, 1995-2000
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    The Lighthouse, Poole Dorset 1998-2002
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    The Garrick, Lichfield 2000-2003
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    School of Slavonic and East European Studies, University College London, 2002-2005
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    Braunstone Health & Social Care Centre 2002-2004
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    General Reviews of the Practice’s Work and other unrelated contributions:
    • Cook, M.J. and Short, C.A., (2005) ‘NATURAL VENTILATION AND LOW ENERGY COOLING OF LARGE, NON-DOMESTIC BUILDINGS – FOUR CASE STUDIES’, The International Journal of Ventilation, 3 (4), March, pp. 283-284.

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